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Author Kesh Nicole is known for captivating her readers with relatable characters and emotional rollercoaster plot twisting storylines. Her novels entail the perfect blend of love and urban drama that locks readers in within the first couple of pages.

            At the age of eight, she found a passion for writing. It was then that she wrote her first short story. At the age of thirteen, Kesh Nicole became intrigued with the urban fiction genre. Soon after she began writing poems and short stories as a way of expression. In 2017, Kesh Nicole turned her dream of becoming an author into a reality when she self-published her debut series, Every Goodbye Ain’t Always Forever.

            Not stopping there, the New Orleans native has since self-published novels A Family Affair, A Beautiful Symphonie and the trilogy, Broken Empire. Are you ready to be blown away and find out why Kesh Nicole is #dopewithdapen?

            Her novels are available at Follow her on social media to stay updated on new releases and more.

My Books
Standalone Novels

A Beautiful Symphonie: When Love Just Isn't Enough

A Family Affair: Am I My Brother's Keeper?

A Kase of Injustice

Completed  Series

Every Goodbye Ain't Always Forever 1

Broken Empire:

In The Hands Of A Boss 

Broken Empire 2:

In The Hands Of A Boss 

Every Goodbye Ain't Always Forever 2

Broken Empire :

In The Hands Of A Boss 


A perfect balance of classy and street. This was a great book to break my hiatus! I can not wait for part 2. Kesh Nicole keep doing your thang girl! I will be on the lookout for your books!

Shoneka Stewart

Every Goodbye Ain't Always Forever

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