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A Kase of Injustice
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Who fights for justice in an unjust and corrupted system?

A person that losses his loved one in an unexpected, violent way. This will set the foundation for the man Kase is driven to become. He’s left with no other choice but to avenge his love one’s death and change a corrupted police system. Everything was in motion until he was faced with someone standing in his way. Kase has to figure out how to use that person to his advantage in order to set his plan into motion again, all while giving the new woman in his life the love and affection that she needs and rightfully deserves.

Who witnessed the judicial system for the flawed, unjust system it is?

A person that is handed down an underserved prison sentence. Growing up in a single parent household, Savannah’s mother had one job…and that job was to protect her child. Her mother took that job seriously and would have done so by any means necessary. Then one night, her mother’s actins changed her life forever. Now Savannah is faced fighting for justice. She was broken and felt as if she had no one until her paths crossed with a new friend, which leads her into the arms of Kase.

The tragic and life changing events that are portrayed in Kase and Savannah’s lives could happen to anyone, at any time. But will the energy and driven force that pushes them to seek revenge and justice for their loved ones, be the same thing that destroys them and their relationship.


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Broken Empire 3

Being the boss of an empire means nothing if you allow your enemy’s moves to overpower yours. In the finale of Broken Empire, Lorenzo will find out that nothing is as it seems to be. He also finds out how it feels for a Boss to fall when their empire is completely broken. He is faced with the possibility of losing Aubree for good, when hurtful secrets are revealed. Never wanting to accept it, Lorenzo has no choice but to face the fact that someone on his team was never loyal or worthy of being trusted in the first place.

Aubree, the princess of Baltimore, was happily in love with Lorenzo. She believed in her heart that Lorenzo was sent to love her, and he could do no wrong in her eyes. When the person involved in her father’s murder is revealed, will she allow her father’s death and uncles betrayal to completely destroy her happiness with the man she claims to love? In the end, will all of the lies and deceit be too much for her to ever regain her happiness and continue this journey with Lorenzo.

As pieces of Lorenzo’s empire continue to fall apart, will the end result be losing the woman he loves, losing his entire empire and those close to him or ultimately losing his own life. Having everything in the boss’ hands wasn’t really worth the things he could potentially lose… soon he will find this out.


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Broken Empire 2

After a sudden tragedy, the team finds itself in an uproar that leaves Lorenzo with more
questions than answers. Questions such as…

Who would want to harm Aubree?
Why was Aubree with Terrell in the first place?
Who is really behind the hits?
Why is his empire being targeted?

Lorenzo is left not knowing which way to turn when he finds out that nothing is what it
appears to be. Secrets are exposed, and hidden truths will come to light within his inner circle.
How will the team react to the fact that someone’s loyalty is being questioned and put to
the test within their group. Take this ride to find out if Lorenzo will rise above it all and come
out on top as the Boss he claims to be or will the Empire crumble at the hands of his enemy.


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Broken Empire
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Broken Empire is a tale of secrets, lies, and disloyalty. Everyone has a role to play and a responsibility to uphold, but the problem begins when everyone wants to wear the crown.

Lorenzo is known as the King of Baltimore. He runs the biggest drug empire the East coast has ever seen. Lorenzo was taught to be nothing less than a boss. He stays focus and runs his empire like the boss that he is. He keeps his friends close and his enemies even closer. Everything was operating smoothly until he allowed the wrong person to get too close to him. He has it all money, cars, and any woman that he chooses but committing to one woman isn't something that Lorenzo sees in his future. All of that soon changed when he and Aubree cross paths.

Aubree is the Princess of Baltimore. Her father and uncle were the biggest kingpins of their time. The death of her father and a failed relationship left Aubree with an unbreakable wall around her heart. She finds herself alone and not interested in finding love again. However, that quickly changed when she meets Lorenzo, the Boss of Baltimore. He comes along, sweeps her off her feet and deems her as his Queen.

Take this ride with Lorenzo and Aubree as they find out the hard way that everyone isn’t your friend and sometimes even family can’t be trusted. How can they determine who is down for them and who should have never been trusted in the first place? Is it even safe for them to trust each other? No matter how hard they fight, they realize that every situation can’t be fixed. Secrets will be kept, lies will be told and hearts will be broken...

…When friends turn into foes and family becomes enemies, you are left with nothing more than, a Broken Empire


A Beautiful Symphonie

Every woman has a breaking point…

For the last ten years, Symphonie spent her life catering to, Amir, her husband.  She didn’t have anything of her own. Even his dreams and goals became her goals and dreams. Symphonie finds a new job and soon begins to change her way of thinking. She finds Jaxson, the principal at her job, to be handsome and she discovers that she is truly attracted to him. Symphonie must remind herself that she is married and take her vowels seriously. She does everything that she possibly can to stay away from Jaxson, but sometimes everything we have just isn’t enough…

Amir is a young entrepreneur that is always grinding until he gets whatever he wants. Even if this means taking down those closes to him. Symphonie always made her husband her top priority. She was always willing to ride things out with him. Amir knew he should have been more loyal to his wife, but running into the arms of other women was easier for him to do. It didn’t matter to him that these women didn’t have his back from day one, like his wife. It just seemed as if he could never do what was right to honor his wife.  

Jaxson knew a treasure when he saw one. He knew Symphonie deserved more than what Amir was giving her. Jaxson would stop at nothing to prove to Symphonie that he was the perfect ending to her story. Only if she could learn to love again.

Join this rollercoaster of events as Amir and Jaxson realizes that they are more acquainted than one would assume. Find out what happens as the perfect love story unfolds and the three worlds collide. Because sometimes, having everything right under your nose just isn’t enough…

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A Family Affair: Am I My Brother's Keeper?

Their parents were taken away from them in a tragic house fire. Nothing there after had been normal for the Reynolds twins. The sudden deaths of their parents only caused the bond that they shared to become stronger. Nothing should come between brothers or destroy the bond that they have with each other. Not blood, money, or females. The bond should never be tainted or broken. No matter what they go through, they should always have each other’s backs.

            Unfortunately, this wasn’t always the case. Twin brothers Kingston and Langston strived for greatness and thought they had it all. That is until someone they both trusted plotted against them.

            Everything they built and worked so hard to gain begins to fall apart. Find out what will happen to the brothers as they face adversity and betrayal. Will they overcome and continue to ride for each other or will they allow their circumstances to break their brotherly bond and turn them against one another? What will Kingston and Langston do when faced with the decision of being, “My Brother’s Keeper.”

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Every Goodbye Aint Always Forever 1

Da’Cree Jones had to get away from Devin before harm came her way. The life he was living would end up killing her. She left New Orleans to break all ties from him and to start a new life in Florida. Six years later, she found herself returning back to the Big Easy. She thought she was done with her past, but Devin managed to find her and the pain from her past resurfaced again.


Jay is a street dude turned business man. He vows to leave the thug mentality behind him and earn his money the right way. After falling in love with Cree, Jay realizes that somethings just can’t be left behind. Somethings has to be handled. He would have to handle them the only way he knew how, by getting his hands dirty.

            Devin started off as a dope boy that took over the block, but the way you gain your empire can be the same way you will lose it. When Cree left him six years ago, he never thought their life would come full circle. Goodbye was supposed to be life-long for Devin and Cree, But Every Goodbye Aint Forever.

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Every Goodbye Ain't Always Forever 2

Love, Loyalty, and Lies all can play a part in the downfall of your life, only if you let it...

The unexpected death and return of Cory, causes things to get complicated. It is unclear who Game should trust and who is really loyal to him. Although, Cory and Colston has been his friends since they were young, he is faced with the difficult decision, life or death. When Game chooses loyalty over everything else, Cory feels the need to take matters into his own hands.

After the shooting, Da’Cree isn’t sure who she should trust. Loyalty is questioned amongst her circle as new faces are added, adding to an already difficult situation. Da’Cree doesn’t want to go down this road again, but walking away from Jay isn’t an option. The love she has for him is something she just can’t let go of. She finds herself in a tight bond and ultimately will need the help of those who’s loyalty she once questioned. Without them, once again, Da’Cree could potentially lose it all.

Jay has a circle of individuals around him that will ride for him no matter what, this includes death. When the love he has for Cree is jeopardized, potentially causing her death, he stops at nothing to save her life. With the death of one of his closest friends, yet again, Jay's need for revenge strengthens. What do you do when those closest to you can’t be trusted? When the ones you love the most will do anything to hurt you and maybe even kill you. When the trust is broken and there's nobody left in your corner.

Lies will ruin the loyalty and effect the love that is supposed to be there, but no matter what you must remember that "Every Goodbye Ain't Always Forever."

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