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A Beautiful Symphonie

A Beautiful Symphonie

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Every woman has a breaking point…

For the last ten years, Symphonie spent her life catering to, Amir, her husband. She didn’t have anything of her own. Even his dreams and goals became her goals and dreams. Symphonie finds a new job and soon begins to change her way of thinking. She finds Jaxson, the principal at her job, to be handsome and she discovers that she is truly attracted to him. Symphonie must remind herself that she is married and take her vows seriously. She does everything that she possibly can to stay away from Jaxson, but sometimes everything we have just isn’t enough…

Amir is a young entrepreneur that is always grinding until he gets whatever he wants. Even if this means taking down those closes to him. Symphonie always made her husband her top priority. She was always willing to ride things out with him. Amir knew he should have been more loyal to his wife, but running into the arms of other women was easier for him to do. It didn’t matter to him that these women didn’t have his back from day one, like his wife. It just seemed as if he could never do what was right to honor his wife.

Jaxson knew a treasure when he saw one. He knew Symphonie deserved more than what Amir was giving her. Jaxson would stop at nothing to prove to Symphonie that he was the perfect ending to her story. Only if she could learn to love again.

Join this rollercoaster of events as Amir and Jaxson realizes that they are more acquainted than one would assume. Find out what happens as the perfect love story unfolds and the three worlds collide. Because sometimes, having everything right under your nose just isn’t enough…

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