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A Family Affair: Am I My Brother's Keeper?

A Family Affair: Am I My Brother's Keeper?

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Their parents were taken away from them in a tragic house fire. Nothing there after had been normal for the Reynolds twins. The sudden deaths of their parents only caused the bond that they shared to become stronger. Nothing should come between brothers or destroy the bond that they have with each other. Not blood, money, or females. The bond should never be tainted or broken. No matter what they go through, they should always have each other’s backs.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t always the case. Twin brothers Kingston and Langston strived for greatness and thought they had it all. That is until someone they both trusted plotted against them.

Everything they built and worked so hard to gain begins to fall apart. Find out what will happen to the brothers as they face adversity and betrayal. Will they overcome and continue to ride for each other or will they allow their circumstances to break their brotherly bond and turn them against one another? What will Kingston and Langston do when faced with the decision of being, “My Brother’s Keeper.”

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