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A Kase OF Injustice

A Kase OF Injustice

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Who fights for justice in an unjust and corrupted system?

A person that losses his loved one in an unexpected, violent way. This will set the foundation for the man Kase is driven to become. He’s left with no other choice but to avenge his love one’s death and change a corrupted police system. Everything was in motion until he was faced with someone standing in his way. Kase has to figure out how to use that person to his advantage in order to set his plan into motion again, all while giving the new woman in his life the love and affection that she needs and rightfully deserves.

Who witnessed the judicial system for the flawed, unjust system it is?

A person that is handed down an underserved prison sentence. Growing up in a single parent household, Savannah’s mother had one job…and that job was to protect her child. Her mother took that job seriously and would have done so by any means necessary. Then one night, her mother’s actins changed her life forever. Now Savannah is faced fighting for justice. She was broken and felt as if she had no one until her paths crossed with a new friend, which leads her into the arms of Kase.

The tragic and life changing events that are portrayed in Kase and Savannah’s lives could happen to anyone, at any time. But will the energy and driven force that pushes them to seek revenge and justice for their loved ones, be the same thing that destroys them and their relationship.

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