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Broken Empire 3

Broken Empire 3

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Being the boss of an empire means nothing if you allow your enemy’s moves to overpower yours. In the finale of Broken Empire, Lorenzo will find out that nothing is as it seems to be. He also finds out how it feels for a Boss to fall when their empire is completely broken. He is faced with the possibility of losing Aubree for good, when hurtful secrets are revealed. Never wanting to accept it, Lorenzo has no choice but to face the fact that someone on his team was never loyal or worthy of being trusted in the first place.

Aubree, the princess of Baltimore, was happily in love with Lorenzo. She believed in her heart that Lorenzo was sent to love her, and he could do no wrong in her eyes. When the person involved in her father’s murder is revealed, will she allow her father’s death and uncles betrayal to completely destroy her happiness with the man she claims to love? In the end, will all of the lies and deceit be too much for her to ever regain her happiness and continue this journey with Lorenzo.

As pieces of Lorenzo’s empire continue to fall apart, will the end result be losing the woman he loves, losing his entire empire and those close to him or ultimately losing his own life. Having everything in the boss’ hands wasn’t really worth the things he could potentially lose… soon he will find this out.

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