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Broken Empire: In The Hands of a Boss

Broken Empire: In The Hands of a Boss

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Broken Empire is a tale of secrets, lies, and disloyalty. Everyone has a role to play and a responsibility to uphold, but the problem begins when everyone wants to wear the crown.

Lorenzo is known as the King of Baltimore. He runs the biggest drug empire the East coast has ever seen. Lorenzo was taught to be nothing less than a boss. He stays focus and runs his empire like the boss that he is. He keeps his friends close and his enemies even closer. Everything was operating smoothly until he allowed the wrong person to get too close to him. He has it all money, cars, and any woman that he chooses but committing to one woman isn't something that Lorenzo sees in his future. All of that soon changed when he and Aubree cross paths.

Aubree is the Princess of Baltimore. Her father and uncle were the biggest kingpins of their time. The death of her father and a failed relationship left Aubree with an unbreakable wall around her heart. She finds herself alone and not interested in finding love again. However, that quickly changed when she meets Lorenzo, the Boss of Baltimore. He comes along, sweeps her off her feet and deems her as his Queen.

Take this ride with Lorenzo and Aubree as they find out the hard way that everyone isn’t your friend and sometimes even family can’t be trusted. How can they determine who is down for them and who should have never been trusted in the first place? Is it even safe for them to trust each other? No matter how hard they fight, they realize that every situation can’t be fixed. Secrets will be kept, lies will be told and hearts will be broken...

…When friends turn into foes and family becomes enemies, you are left with nothing more than, a Broken Empire

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