Every Goodbye Ain't Always Forever

Every Goodbye Ain't Always Forever

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Da’Cree Jones had to get away from Devin before harm came her way. The life he was living would end up killing her. She left New Orleans to break all ties from him and to start a new life in Florida. Six years later, she found herself returning back to the Big Easy. She thought she was done with her past, but Devin managed to find her and the pain from her past resurfaced again.

Jay is a street dude turned business man. He vows to leave the thug mentality behind him and earn his money the right way. After falling in love with Cree, Jay realizes that somethings just can’t be left behind. Somethings has to be handled. He would have to handle them the only way he knew how, by getting his hands dirty.

Devin started off as a dope boy that took over the block, but the way you gain your empire can be the same way you will lose it. When Cree left him six years ago, he never thought their life would come full circle. Goodbye was supposed to be life-long for Devin and Cree, But Every Goodbye Aint Forever.

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