Every Goodbye Ain't Always Forever 2

Every Goodbye Ain't Always Forever 2

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Love, Loyalty, and Lies all can play a part in the downfall of your life, only if you let it...

The unexpected death and return of Cory, causes things to get complicated. It is unclear who Game should trust and who is really loyal to him. Although, Cory and Colston has been his friends since they were young, he is faced with the difficult decision, life or death. When Game chooses loyalty over everything else, Cory feels the need to take matters into his own hands.

After the shooting, Da’Cree isn’t sure who she should trust. Loyalty is questioned amongst her circle as new faces are added, adding to an already difficult situation. Da’Cree doesn’t want to go down this road again, but walking away from Jay isn’t an option. The love she has for him is something she just can’t let go of. She finds herself in a tight bond and ultimately will need the help of those who’s loyalty she once questioned. Without them, once again, Da’Cree could potentially lose it all.

Jay has a circle of individuals around him that will ride for him no matter what, this includes death. When the love he has for Cree is jeopardized, potentially causing her death, he stops at nothing to save her life. With the death of one of his closest friends, yet again, Jay's need for revenge strengthens. What do you do when those closest to you can’t be trusted? When the ones you love the most will do anything to hurt you and maybe even kill you. When the trust is broken and there's nobody left in your corner.

Lies will ruin the loyalty and effect the love that is supposed to be there, but no matter what you must remember that "Every Goodbye Ain't Always Forever."